Group Therapy - A New Therapy Group for all genders in Central Derby

Some examples of what and who the group is for –

Those who may be seeking to address past, present and on-going difficulties with relationships, mood – including depression and anxiety, problematic behaviours, trauma’s and life events – long term or short, that have resulted in recurring problems and or feeling stuck and not being able move on.

Groups provide diversity and offer learning at many levels, on many subjects.  The opportunity to experience how we are with others and how others experience us in turn can be a catalyst for making positive change in the way we form, experience, and manage relationships.  The group can become a resource for solving personal problems and developing an understanding of our own behaviours and the behaviours of others, increasing ones capacity within society, in intimate relationships, and with families and friends. This process can be integrated to enable greater authenticity, honesty and connection. When we struggle with our health both mental and physical we face many challenges on many levels. Groups can provide a space where such difficulties can be explored and where any sense of isolation and being alone can change.

Therapist – Jonathan Stone MA, UKCP

As an experienced UKCP registered Integrative psychotherapist and Counsellor now practicing for over a decade. Having been through my own group therapy as a participant. Having felt daunted by the prospect of joining a group, to recognising the unique and powerful healing potential that only groups can offer, I am aiming to bring together and facilitate, as therapist, a group where members can feel sufficiently supported, and challenged as fundamental to the conditions for growth.

Group process facilitation – my ways of working

I work relationally and will use the experience of being in relationship with the group and you to inform my facilitation where I believe to be helpful. I will provide direct facilitation when required and will at other times respect and nurture the developing therapeutic capacities of the group. My approach is humanistic and my own therapy for a number of years including group therapy was both Psychodynamic and Gestalt. Over the last several years I have been part of several ongoing training groups focussing on mind/body process as I believe this must integrated into a comprehensive psychotherapy for lasting change.

Making a start

It can be daunting starting therapy and choosing a therapist, for some the idea of joining a group even more so, whilst for others a group is preferred. With this in mind and to make assessment, I offer an initial session with me free of charge, and then an understanding that if we agree joining of the group that after the first few sessions we can review continuation and membership. I’m committed to provide the support needed.

Date and times

The group will be ongoing and run every Wednesday from 7 – 9pm the start date will be confirmed once there is there is a minimum of 6 members. There is currently registered interest.


Be-ing Therapy Centre, 15 Vernon Street, Derby, DE1 1FT

Fee £30, no fee for the initial one to one assessment session


Jonathan Stone MA int psych, UKCP Psychotherapist - 07976 226577

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